July 2017, Studio X Bushwick / February 2017, C’mon Everybody, BK  

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photo by Olimpia Dior 

EAT BLOODY PUSSY is a queer feminist performance project and zine / she demands radical tenderness / she demands vulnerability and communication and guts / she is not limited by biology or gender, but adopts and impels all radical bodies and beings to create through their base places / through her we explore our softer sources / we find sensual what is messy and utterly human.

EBP * LIVE ZINE * is a performance / immersive happening / spectacle / sensory feast / provocation to engage our messy, sensual, bloody humanity. The first live zine occured on July 29, 2017 at Studio X, Bushwick, and featured a feast in three courses : the earth, the body, and the blood. A body of many artists translated and performed the courses in an evening of performance created and directed by Fitch Ball. 

EBP featured work by ::: Amanda Wallace, Ashley Jordan, Bailey Catherine Nolan, Charley Parden, Fitch Ball, Gwen Kehrig-Darton, Helen Gutowski, Kira Melville, Leticia Sampedro, Libby Mislan, Madelena Mak, Noel Sanchez, Peter Smith, Quenton Stuckey, Susannah Simpson, Victoria May, Willow Gibbons…and Bloody Pussy

come hungry / get full / #comefeast ! 

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teaser for EBP zine #1 

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